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Wood Lane Arches  TFL

The first of a series of projects for Transport for London, this is the transformation of disused railway arches beneath Wood Lane Tube station in London’s White City. The proposal will convert 31 arches into retail and small business units, creating both a commercial opportunity and opening up new connections between three important developments surrounding the site.

Conversion of the arches will transform what was previously a barrier into a porous landscape that will link the Westfield shopping centre extension to the south and residential development by St James and Berkley Homes at White City to the north. By opening up several of the arches, the scheme creates new permeability across the site, both with the pedestrian routes through the arches and visual links through the glazed dual-aspect shop fronts in the retail arches.

Altogether 31 arches will be refurbished in two phases. The first phase, due to be completed at the end of 2017 when the John Lewis department store on the Westfield site is set to open, will transform 13 arches into retail use for cafes and small businesses; three arches will be opened up completely to provide landscaped pedestrian routes. A second phase will deliver 7 further commercial arches with 4 additional pedestrian routes.

The new arches will be designed to enhance their existing 1860s brick structures. The retail arches underneath the station platform will have projecting metal frames with glazed frontages. This canopy-like structure extends the interior space of the arch and allows multiple arches to be joined. The remaining retail arches will have flush metal frames and similarly glazed shopfronts. Open pedestrian arches will be hard landscaped and lit to enhance the new public realm. These through ways are key in joining the landscaped public realm emerging on either side of the arches.