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Waterbeach  Urban&Civic Plc

We are designing a contemporary market town for a site that was once an RAF airfield and barracks four miles north of Cambridge. This is a rare opportunity to shape a place that will grow to eventually support a population the size of Ely.

Our masterplan proposes a town with civic, educational, commercial and recreational facilities, exploiting the extraordinary success and growth of the Cambridge knowledge economy, linked by major investment in public transport. The design approach maps the existing landscape and military
heritage, including a man-made lake that was once used for practising military manoeuvres and has evolved into a rich natural ecology. The town will be embedded in this landscape, linking between the historic village to the south and a Benedictine monastery and scheduled ancient monument at
Denny Abbey to the north.

Waterbeach is the legacy of the Royal Engineers, who carried out manoeuvres on the site before it was decommissioned in 2013. The new community will have the potential for approximately 6,500 homes within the direct land ownership and up to 10,000 homes when neighbouring sites are included.