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New Urban Centre Riga  Riga City Council

The extended 200-hectare competition site is enormous, larger than the principality of Monaco. Located across the river from the historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it will reinforce Riga’s role as the most important commercial and government centre in the region.

The new piece of city is designed around a major infrastructure project to improve and extend the city’s transportation system and to integrate new residential and commercial areas around public and administrative buildings.

After four years of work with the city administration, Fletcher Priest’s masterplan was adopted as part of the city’s planning legislation.

Their presence in the Baltic states has expanded their work in Riga and extended their reach into neighbouring countries, including Scandinavia and Russia. Latvia University has agreed to relocate to a new campus on the competition site from its buildings dispersed across the city and Fletcher Priest  have collaborated with local consultants on other projects in the region.