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Is it possible to create attractive and affordable workspaces that start-ups and fast-growing businesses in emerging sectors want to occupy? Must the country’s best economic prospects and job creators find themselves priced into secondary or even tertiary office space? Or is there something about these spaces that is a better cultural fit?

Futurework is our on-going research project that explores these issues.

We talked to about 30 fast-growing organisations and their staff and found that they all had a remarkably similar vision of the ideal working environment. We researched evolving businesses in other countries, documented their facilities and explored construction methods from other sectors.

From this we believe that there is an opportunity to develop a new model that recognises the changed economic landscape and responds to the needs of a nationally important growing business sector.

We shared this view with clients and fellow consultants and together tested our ideas. Through a rigorous questioning process and an holistic design approach we have designed workspaces that are 25% below benchmark costs and can achieve BREEAM outstanding.

These might also evolve into a hybrid building types where an unusual mix of uses creates dynamic synergies particularly against a background of flexible tenant structures familiar to other sectors and markets.

Our research work has led to real projects where the ideas are being developed further and to which there has been a positive response.