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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe  SCEE

In a fast changing industry Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is the world leader in video game technology and consoles. Their European headquarters are located close to their sister television and film company on Golden Square, which we had previously designed, and together are conceived as a working showcase for their products.

The street frontage, public areas and offices are designed to capture the spirit of this enigmatic world. Objects and surfaces are subtly modified to provide an insight into the virtual world of computer games imagery.

The sweep of the flowing slatted timber wall appears as a continuous surface, emerging from the floor and framing the reception lifts, and hiding developers’ model adornments. An illuminated reception desk appears as a mysterious glowing box. Familiar Playstation symbols are used as subversive graphics on street furniture and fittings, and a redundant lightwell has become a landscaped courtyard café with glowing benches.

The highly adaptable basement studio creates meeting rooms and spaces for product launches which evoke a world where technological innovation and vivid imagination meet.