Science Museum - 3D IMAX / Fletcher Priest Architects / london + köln + riga | fletcherpriest
Science Museum – 3D IMAX  National Museum of Science and Industry

Floating enigmatically within the large volume of the National Museum of Science and Industry’s new Wellcome Wing like a giant spaceship is a 450-seat IMAX cinema. In addition to showing 2D and 3D films on scientific subjects and acting as a venue for scientific announcements, it helps to move visitors to the upper levels of the Museum before they descend through several exhibition floors to the ground. Our fit-out of the cinema adds to the spectacle within a very tight budget. The auditorium is suspended three storeys up and enclosed within a perforated, curving underbelly, through which visitors penetrate via a long escalator to reach the auditorium.

On entering they face the lighting effect that was developed specially for the scheme, where dichroic glass filters and emulsion paint create a spectrum of light in which colours overlap to indicate the pattern of movement. During a screening of a 3D film, audiences wear special glasses to view the incredible images on the screen.