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Lend Lease Hanover Square  Lend Lease

The refurbishment of a 1970’s building in Hanover Square, central London, for the international property company Lend Lease was an opportunity to create an office that would act as a catalyst for change. The fit-out sets new standards for workplace design and environmentally responsible office design. Lend Lease wanted the building to embody its environmental values and aspirations, in surroundings that encourage innovation and collaboration.

The two-storey entrance addresses Hanover Square and works as a very public reception area, exhibition space, presentation room and a venue for social events.  A massive light box on the entrance wall and a video screen in the foyer area can be seen from the square, communicating activities to passers-by. The existing concrete frame is left exposed, taking the benefit of the thermal mass of the structure to provide passive cooling, in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability. This is evident throughout, with recycling bins that are an integral part of the design and motion-activated lighting. Finishes are predominantly natural materials, and all timbers are from Forest Stewardship Council approved sources. A bamboo veneered wall runs the length of the ground floor, linking the meeting rooms to the reception. Where possible, materials are recycled, recyclable and reusable.

The offices helped establish a new national BREEAM rating for fit out, and achieved an excellent rating. It was included in the exhibition Designed to Work London, organised in partnership with the British Council for Offices.