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Graduate Centre, University of Oxford  

In response to an ideas competition FPA Interiors conceived the Graduate Centre as a ‘second home’, an inspiring place for graduates to meet, work, relax and socialise. The design aimed to surpass the quality and appeal of the college’s existing common room – valued for its elegance, atmosphere and heritage – by transforming an existing accommodation block into a characterful building.

The Graduate Centre is divided into four key areas of activity: exchange, learning, reflection and well-being. The different activities are arranged over four floors, each with a different atmosphere and character, acknowledging the wide range of academic and social experiences that make up graduate life at the college. These include a flexible, multifunctional area at ground floor that opens up to accommodate larger events and access to the gardens.

We conceived the plug-in Pergola Pavilion as a crafted contemporary structure offering a light and airy space for social events. It also connects the inside and the garden, transforming the building and setting while providing a gathering space for graduates.