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Devonshire Square Interiors  Rockpoint Group / CORE / O'Connor Capital Partners

Part of an original complex of 18th Century East India Company warehouses, Devonshire Square is a rare survivor of the City’s trading heritage, a remarkable story of the world’s first joint stock company whose diverse trading patterns crossed the world and helped establish  modern India, Hong Kong and Manhattan. A history which resonated with many of the organisations who occupied the buildings This proved to be a fertile starting point for Fletcher Priest’s design strategy.

They integrated the estate into the changing urban environment around it, and added residential and retail uses within the Grade II listed buildings. A delicate steel and ETFE roof floats over the Western Courtyard creating the opportunity for restaurants, cafes and bars to spill out, making it a hugely popular venue by day and into the night.

Across the estate a series of new office receptions remind users and visitors of the exotic imports which had been stored there and helps create a cohesive visual identity for this reinvigorated part of the City.