12 York Gate / Fletcher Priest Architects / london + köln + riga | fletcherpriest
12 York Gate  Kirsh Family

This small, beautifully crafted reception forms the entrance to the headquarters of the Kirsh Family’s office overlooking Regent’s Park in central London. Located just off the Marylebone Road, the 45 sqm reception has been carefully refurbished using materials inspired by the context.

Two striking feature walls form the centre piece of the reception space. Portland stone was milled using a CNC router (Computer Numerical Controlled carving) with a pattern inspired by the ornamental Copper Beech trees in Regent’s Park.

Fletcher Priest’s in-house designers created a script which converted a black and white design into a 3d image. This was then milled into the stone to create a debossed pattern of varying scales of leaves. The end result is a meticulously detailed, 3 x 6 metre carved wall that leads visitors from the entrance into the main reception.