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Dixon House  GreenOak Real Estate

Dixon House is a Grade II Listed building located within the Lloyd’s Avenue conservation area in the City of London. Our sensitive redevelopment of the site focuses on improvements to the reception and entrance sequence, increasing the efficiency of existing floorplates and adding two additional storeys to the summit of the building.

The original building was constructed in 1901 and consisted of four floors of offices with circulation to the upper floors positioned immediately next to the entrance to the reception.

We opened up the reception area by lowering the ground floor to pavement level and situating the circulation space within a new core at the rear of the building. This provided an added benefit of a taller reception and better rationalised space on the upper floors. In addition, moving a significant portion of the plant from the roof down into the basement created two additional office floors.

Recurring motifs and details found on the historic façade have been incorporated into the detailing of our design for the newly designed reception area, providing a modern finish whilst reflecting the building’s history and listed status.