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Tower 42  Tower Limited Partnership

On completion Tower 42 was the tallest building in the City of London and still maintains a symbolic presence. With the changing nature of banking requiring large trading floors, the tower was identified instead as a suitable location for the myriad of global organisations that need a smaller but significant presence in the square mile. As part of our analysis we identified that the service requirements of these organisations can be compared to those provided by an international hotel with shared meeting and conference spaces, concierge service and high-quality bars, cafes and restaurants. These facilities could also add to the vibrancy of this part of the City. A café was added to the ground floor lobby and reception, and a new restaurant, operated by renowned Michelin star chef Jason Atherton, to the 24th floor following on the success of his ‘22 Ships’ restaurant in Hong Kong. We also transformed a redundant space at the very top of the tower into a spectacular champagne and seafood bar called ‘Vertigo’, with unparalleled views over central London.

Lower level buildings each side of the base of the tower were carefully reconfigured and extended to improve their efficiency and provided additional space equivalent to thirteen new floors of the tower. A new glass pavilion restaurant building bringing much needed animation to the tower plaza was added. The project was selected by a distinguished panel of world architects for the exhibition of ‘New City Architecture’.