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Pinewood  Pinewood Studios Group

Some of the world’s best known films have been made at Pinewood Studios where we have designed new production offices and workshops. Arranged around a series of three landscaped courtyards, the buildings are designed to be hyper-flexible allowing a range of uses to take place within the shallow floorplates in each wing. Inspired by the old-Hollywood-style production facilities, the balcony typology overlooking the courtyards allows even the smallest tenancy within the sub-dividable floorplate to have its own front door, creating a strong identity throughout the scheme.

Generous floor to ceiling heights generate day-lit volumes that suit a naturally ventilated design that provides free cooling for 70% of the year. The spaces are designed to house any number of post-production facilities from costume-making to set design and production to editing studios.
Saw-tooth roof studios provide an alternative type of space with lots of natural north light and uninterrupted floorplates made possible with the use of a cross-laminated timber roof structure. The buildings have been conceived to allow for future expansion by providing a clear, three-phased strategy in which each pair of wings is a self-sufficient building sharing one courtyard and one core.