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Piccadilly Lights  Landsec

In January 2017 the advertising lights that define the character of Piccadilly Circus were switched off. It was one of the rare occasions since the first illuminated Perrier sign was installed in 1908. Ten months later the lights were back, this time with new technology making it the largest single digital screen in Europe.

Piccadilly Circus Lights first became digitised in 1998, when the longest running advertisement for Coca Cola switched from neon light to digital projection. Our role in the recent phase of work was to coordinate a standalone structure to support the screen and to ensure that it is integrated with the structure of the proposed new building, One Sherwood Street.

The new digital screen has six full-motion sections and can be used flexibly for full-screen takeovers. Colours and images will be more vivid and there will be localised Wi-Fi so that passers-by can interact with the screen.

The structure that supports the new LED sign will make it possible for building work to take place on the site over several years without affecting the lights, concealing from view one of the busiest and most complicated building sites in London.