Carmelite Riverside  Quadrant Estates

Here Fletcher Priest revive a listed 19th century building, originally the headquarters of Lord Northcliffe’s publishing empire but converted in the 1990s, and transform it into the headquarters for a contemporary publishing powerhouse, Hachette.

Among the factors that give additional value over standard high quality central London office space, are its riverside location and historic character. The new riverfront façade is proportioned to enhance its presence and make it legible from the South Bank, while a garden and glazed pavilion at roof level give occupants magnificent views across the river to Tate Modern and the Millennium Wheel. Throughout the building Fletcher Priest make thematic use of the original design, recreating its decorative motifs with new materials and fabrication techniques to make the basis for contemporary features, such as 3d ceramic tiles in the washrooms, ventilations grilles and rooftop cladding.

This project extends their portfolio of high quality sustainable workplaces which draw value and character from their context and existing features. Here reusing the 1990s structure takes advantage of its large open plan floorplates and helped to keeps costs remarkably low (tendered in 2012 at £137/ sq ft) underwriting the strength of their vision for a modern workplace enriched by acknowledging its past.