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8 First Street Manchester  Patrizia / Ask

#8 First St. is a new type of workplace in the heart of Manchester. It is the first phase of Patrizia’s 2 million sq ft development, which will create a new piece of city between the Creative Hub and the University. It will support 21st century ways of working and living in the city, and is already attracting global occupiers.

The new 240,000 sq ft building will complete the lively new civic square that celebrates Tony Wilson, which it also shares with Mecanoo’s new HOME arts building and Ian Simpson’s Innside Hotel. Pedestrian streets to the east and south extend the city grid and connect to Oxford Rd Station and the University. It will be a tram ride to the airport.

#8 is arranged with three paired floors above street level activity including cafes and a bike shop. Each occupier can extend their workplace into the double storey, ‘outdoor’ weather-proof corner winter gardens which can be used for a multitude of purposes. Being virtually column free, the floors will provide the highest degree of tenancy split and fit out flexibility. The building will also provide plenty of bike parking and service facilities with an entrance off Medlock Street bike routes. Showers are located between reception and the bike park allowing occupiers to change en-route to their working space.

Its massing, strategically placed winter gardens and architecturally responsive façade address both townscape and environment. The third floor winter gardens overlook a more secluded public space at River Street, whilst the building’s form opens the corner to First Street enhancing the pedestrian flow, and its alignment acknowledges the form of the square.

The south western corner winter gardens are elongated to maximise solar gain protection. Here the building is set back to promote the development’s vehicular entrance into River Street and reveals the next phase buildings.