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55 Gresham Street  Beltane Asset Management

55 Gresham Street is a major refurbishment of an existing office building near the Guildhall in the City of London. The scheme will have a new level access corner entrance and reception, with remodelled cores, new services, and new façades to the south, west and north. The design is characterised by its imaginative use of materials and historical references to embed the building’s identity within the urban context.

The eight storey building will be fully refurbished and extended with the retention of the existing structure. Floor space will be increased while new terraces will be provided at levels 7 and 9 and a new glazed pavilion will replace the existing plant.
The façade is being re-clad in composite stone more appropriate to Gresham Street, drawing inspiration from the history of the site. Within the elegant stone framework inset panels will be crafted from cast metal and glass referencing the history of Guilds in this part of London.