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Our first project for IBM was masterplanning the 40 acre site, adding new 125,00 sqft software laboratories and a new conference centre. When completed they were IBM’s most cost-effective and energy-efficient buildings in Europe. An existing building was demolished and 90% recycled as part of the programme. IBM’s rigorous post-occupancy evaluation recorded a 15 per cent increase in user satisfaction over existing and a significant reduction in energy use across the site, despite the increase in area.

Hursley House near Winchester has been part of IBM’s history for many years, but its role in technology development stretches back even further. During World War II it was the base of operations for the manufacturers of the Spitfire. For over 50 years the house and grounds have been owned by IBM and has been devoted to research and development. The ‘Winchester disc’ that came to be known as a ‘hard disc’ was developed there along with many other significant developments and applications, eg every time you use an ATM, you are probably using software which was developed at IBM Hursley.