A buzzing LFA Open Studio at Fletcher Priest

More than 250 people were welcomed through the doors of Fletcher Priest’s Fitzrovia studio on Friday 8 June, as part of this year’s London Festival of Architecture.

We titled our event “Be Who You Want to Bee”, referencing the LFA’s theme of ‘Identity’ and exploring both individual identity in Architecture, as well as our commitment to incorporating green spaces in the buildings we create in the heart of London.

Visitors were able to enjoy a number of exhibits in the studio’s meeting rooms, including the under-construction Brunel Building in Paddington, the work of our Interiors team, and a virtual reality fly-through of the K1 Knightsbridge development. The centrepiece of the event was our ‘Buzz City’ installation, where visitors were encouraged to sketch on blocks of wood of different shapes and sizes, drawing upon their own identity to create a building or place that helped to shape them. The resulting blocks were then placed to create a diorama – ‘Buzz City’.

The feedback from visitors was universally positive, and a great time was enjoyed by all. We can’t wait for next year’s event, which we promise to be even bigger and better!