freethinking – our take on sustainability

Freethinking / n & adj / To explore with an open mind, to believe in factual and scientific enquiry, where necessary to question established views; not bound by dogma, bias or prejudice. click here for ‘Freethinking’ online. ‘Freethinking’ is not a design book; it is about how we design and how we address some of the most important issues in front of us all. We intend to build on this expertise. The case studies illustrated show the common threads that run through our work, and illustrate the practice’s continued exploration of the thoughtful and responsible use of materials and resources. Arranged under four headings, these appear to us as common sense ideas rather than an ideological approach, and solutions evolve from our working method. Often not recognised, and occasionally not visible, they have given benefits and long-term value to clients and users since the practice was founded over thirty years ago.